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  • Registration will be closed when full capacity is reached.
  • Candidates will be considered as accepted to the school when they fulfilled the academic & administrative requirements,and confirmation of payment has been received by the Admission Staff.
  • Registration fee is Rp.500.000,- for Pre School;
    Rp.600.000 for Primary School;
    Rp.800.000 for Lower and Upper Secondary School;
    and is non refundable under any circumstances, the payment is made by transfer.
  • Registration without payment confirmation (maximum 3 days after registration is made) will be cancelled automatically and prospective parents will have to re-register and the previous registration number will not be valid.
  • Required documents for registration are to be given to the Admission Staff on the test day, including School Policy signed with a Rp. 6.000 duty stamp.
  • Completed registration package and signed school policy
  • 4 (four) recent photographs, size 3 x 4 cm.
  • 2 (two) copies of the candidate’s Birth Certificate.
  • 1 (one) copy of the candidate’s Report Card from previous level of education.
  • 1 (one) copy of Family Register (Civil Registration Records)
  • 1 (one) copy of parents (father & mother)/ guardian and candidate’s passport.
  • 1 (one) copy of parents (father & mother)/ guardian and candidate’s KITAS
  • Psychological observation and Written Academic test (Mathematics, English and Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Result Announcement
  • Enrollment fee payment
  • Annual fee, Tuition fee July, Uniform, Book (no later than May 31) For Expatriate Students
  1. All Syafana Islamic School students must abide by the rules and regulation of the school.
  2. Syafana Islamic School reserves the right to expel a student if.
    • The student does not abide by rules and regulation of school and so fails to meet requirements of being a Syafana Islamic School student.
    • The student submits any falsified documents and/or information to the school.
    • The documentation require to be submited is not complete.
    • The school reserves the right to make changes to rules and regulations when necessar
  1. The Enrollment and Tuition Fees have to be paid to the Virtual account
  2. (*) Cash payment is not accepted.
  3. If student withdraws from the school for any reason, the Enrollment and Tuition fees will not be refunded and are not transferable for sibling or other party.
  4. The School reserves the right to retain any official documents such as school report cards and graduation certificates in the event of any unpaid or outstanding fee payments.
  5. The Enrollment Fee covers the cost of facilities development, IT and Library resources. The Annual fee includes all tuition for academic and extra activities and in most cases the school provides extra-curricular programmes.
  6. Student will need to pay the examination fees for the ESOL Test for Primary and IGCSE Examination for Secondary. These are not included in Annual Fee
For Academic Year 1920
Toddler : Minimum 2 years old Cutt Off 31 Oct
Playgroup : Born before 31 Oct 2016 *)
Kindergarten 1 : Born before 31 Oct 2015 *)
Kindergarten 2 : Born before 31 Oct 2014 *)
Primary 1 : Born before 31 Oct 2013
*) After being observed and found psycologically able bodied.